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Faith Council

What is the Faith Council?

Faith Council are a group of children selected by the staff and their peers, called to lead the school in spiritual development, strengthening our relationship with our Parish family of St. Mary's and supporting others in their faith journey. 


Duties include: 

  • Ensuring that Christ is at the centre of all we do
  • Attending weekly meetings and cluster school workshops
  • Preparing and leading whole-school liturgy and worship sessions
  • Supporting children as they plan and prepare for worship in their classrooms
  • Working together to design and create religious focal points throughout the school
  • Helping others to understand their faith
  • Working with the Parish and local community to strengthen existing relationships


Faith Council Members 2019-2020

             Saniyah                            Aqsah                                 Kia

             Lillie-Mae                         Jenson                                Theo

             Chloe                               Miss Collinge


We meet weekly to discuss points on our action plan for this year as well as to plan and prepare whole school worship, religious activities and to update our faith and worship diary. 

Once per term, we meet with our cluster primary schools to share ideas and plan for events in the Church's calendar. 

Advent 2019 


Advent is all about preparing for the birth of someone very special.  To do this we must prepare our hearts.  So, this year we have a very special challenge.  This year we challenge you to be kind. 

Each day your kindness calendar will set a very important task.  Whose heart will be ready to welcome Jesus?  


Keep your eyes peeled this Advent for Captain Kindness: a person who has impressed you with the power of kindness. Nominations should be placed in our special Captain Kindess box outside the school hall. 

Our nomination box has been overflowing with nominations this Advent, with everyone recognising kindness all around the school. 

Congratulations to our Kindness Super heroes and a huge well done to everyone who witnessed kindness this Advent.