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Home Learning Letter 5/1/2021

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Dear Parents,

Firstly, a huge thank you to you all for your support and understanding over the last 24 hours in what has been a very challenging time for us all. The staff and I really appreciate this, more than you could possibly know. 

We have today made contact via email with all families who we believe to be classed as Critical Workers asking for confirmation of them needing a childcare place and on which days.  If you have not been contacted, we do not believe you to be a critical worker.  These places will be allocated on a needs basis and it remains that, if there is an adult at home who is able to care for your child, the safest place for them to be is at home.  Children of Critical Workers are at no further advantage being in school than children who are accessing the learning at home.

The emphasis on remote learning will focus on accessing work emailed to you and watching online teaching videos with work to complete.  These will match, as closely as we can, what would be taught in class in school if we were open.  It is vital that all children access these daily, at a time suitable to yourselves at home, and complete the work.  You should not need a printer for this work, but access to paper, pencils and a ruler will be required.  If you need any of these, please contact school and we will ensure some are available for you.

We understand that not all families have devices to access this.  We do have a very LIMITED number of devices in school that we are able to loan out to families on a pure needs basis.  I am aware of some from the questionnaire sent earlier in the year but know this may have changed if devices have been purchased over Christmas.  If you feel you need to borrow a device, please contact school as soon as possible and we will add your name to the list.  They will then be allocated accordingly upon signing the loan agreement for the device.

Similarly, we are aware of internet access being an issue.  Please let us know if this is also a problem as we have a limited number of Vodafone Data Sims available.  These are only to be used for work and once the data is used, you would need to top it up yourselves. 

Class teachers have now created a home learning email address for their class (e.g. which they will use to send work out.  The email address will be monitored by them between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.  Any communication outside of these hours will still be received but not responded to until the next working day. 

Via the email, teachers will outline the work required to be completed and include all resources you will need to complete this.  This will include a maths and literacy lesson plus another foundation subject each day.  They may send other activities too, linked with learning topics.  It is expected that children (with your support) respond to these emails each day and send photos back of work completed.  Teachers will be available each day to support with any issues with work – they will still be in school every day.  Teachers will also follow up with a phone call if we do not hear from you.

You should also try to include a form of exercise, reading, games etc., each day.  Please remember there are extra activity ideas for all ages on our school website under the “Home Learning” tab. 

We do appreciate that these are challenging times for you all, as they are for us too, and we want nothing more than for your children to be back with their friends in school and learning, but we have been directed by the Government to proceed in this way.  The expectation is that the children do continue to learn at home this way and are then able, as a class, to pick up and continue their learning on their return.  We know that home is not school and we want to support you in any way we can to help the children continue learning over the coming weeks.  Please do contact us if you are experiencing any issues and we will endeavour to support where we can.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards

Mrs C Kippax


Head Teacher