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Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital


Cultural Capital is a part of the essential knowledge and skills that children need to prepare them for the brightest future.  It is about giving the children the best possible start to their education.  At St. Oswald's we value every child as a unique gift from God.  Every child has things that make them shine and brings their own unique knowledge and skills with them when they join the St. Oswald's family.


In each Key Stage within the school, we have put together key experiences or 'Stepping Stones' that we want our children to be a part of.  These Stepping Stones will follow them through the school and we hope that everyday we, as a school, will help the children to increase their cultural capital and shine as brightly as possible. 


Please click on the documents below to see what Stepping Stones your child will be completing throughout their time as a member of the St. Oswald's family.