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Active Travel

Here at St Oswald's, we want to promote active travel for our children.  


What is active travel?

Active travel is simply getting to school by cycling, scooting and where possible walking.  If it is not possible to walk to school, then we encourage Park and Stride where parents can park a distance away from the school (for example; on Willows Lane or near the Sure Start Centre) and walk up to drop their children off. 


What are the benefits of walking to school?

Children arrive at school fresh and ready to learn. The streets around the school are safer with less congestion.

It’s healthy for us all and it’s also good for the planet as it reduces air pollution around school.  Collectively we will be healthier and stronger.


Initiatives in School

Our school council are heavily involved in encouraging our school community to active travel.  They have been out collecting children from the bottom of Hartley Avenue and walking them up to school.  Also, they have organised a walking bus to take place each term.