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Parental Questionnaire Results March 2024

Parental Questionnaire: March 2024

A huge thank you for the 41 responses (31%) to our Parental Questionnaire at this year's Parents Evening.  The results made great reading for us and we are delighted that parents are overwhelmingly happy with what we do!  The link is still open if anyone wants to add their responses.


The strengths you identified match what we also feel we do well and we are proud to celebrate all we do for your children.


We are now working through your suggestions for making things even better - some are beyond our control (e.g. menu choices at lunchtime - the menu is set by LCC but does change each term - however I will pass this on to them): 

  • One parent suggested more computer classes in school rather than go to Mount Carmel:  We do teach computing regularly in school, mainly using the iPads.  The lessons at Mount Carmel for Class 6 are to enhance the curriculum offer, not replace it. Our Curriculum page on the website will show you more detail. 
  • One parent asked for work if a child has been absent: we don't send extra work home if a child is ill or has been ill, but we will work with them in school to catch up anything missed so they are able to learn alongside their peers.  (If they are too unwell to be in school, they are likely too unwell to work at home too!)
  • One parent has suggested opening the main gate at home-time but put cones in place to stop cars coming in/out: we have looked at this previously but the gates are electronic and on a mechanism.  It is safer to keep them closed than have them accidentally closing when children & families are moving in and out.  It has been lovely to see the consideration given to each other allowing people in and out - there isn't too much of a delay at the start and end of the day. 
  • There are a couple of suggestions for celebrating diversity and differences of cultures and religions.  This is something we have been working on over the last couple of years, having taken feedback previously, and we feel we have made good progress so far - but we are still developing this and happy to take further suggestions!  We do discuss and celebrate religions of all children throughout the year and invite children to share their experiences with us.  We have introduced a trip to the local Mosque for KS2 children to enable them to better understand the Muslim faith and we have invited local Imams into school as part of the RE curriculum to explain Islam and answer any questions the children may have.  We recognise and celebrate a variety of religious festivals in school such as Eid and Diwali, for example with children making cards and lamps having learned about the festivals. We have also ensured there are displays in school which celebrate our diverse culture and have invested in books (fiction and non-fiction) which celebrate diversity and equality across the board. Parents have been invited in to share personal stories and traditional foods with the children too. 
  • Someone has asked for more equipment on the yard: there has been a significant spend in the last 12 months on extra playground equipment (balls, hoops, racquets, stilts, cones etc) and we have also maintained the two "Trim-Trails".  I will ask the School Council to ascertain views on what else children would like to play with and see what we can arrange. 
  • Knowing a child's mood during school time: this is something we strive to monitor every day.  We have recently introduced Zones of Regulation into the classes where children are able to indicate how they are feeling throughout the day and staff are able to respond accordingly.  Each class has introduced it in an age-appropriate way and the children are actively using these to communicate their moods. 
  • Change the club from Dance on a Wednesday:  we offer a range of clubs throughout the week, incorporating singing, crafts, dance, sewing and a variety of sports to try to ensure there is something for everyone.  The days the clubs are offered do depend on the availability of the staff who deliver them as many also deliver clubs in other schools on other nights. 


Please do let us know if there is anything else we can be doing - don't wait for the next questionnaire!


Clicking on the links below will enable you to see the overall results for each question.