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Parental Questionnaire Results March 2023

Parental Questionnaire: March 2023

A huge thank you for the 64 responses (42%) to our Parental Questionnaire at this year's Parents Evening.  The results made great reading for us and we are delighted that all 64 would recommend this school to another parent!


The strengths you identified match what we also feel we do well and we are proud to celebrate all we do for your children.


We are now working through your suggestions for making things even better - some are beyond our control (e.g. more choice at lunchtime - the menu is set by LCC, so this will be passed on to them) but we will endeavour to see what we can do regarding other suggestions.


Please click on the link below to see the overall results for each question.


Parental Questionnaire results: March 2023

Question 18 asked you to tell us something you believe is a strength of St Oswald's:

Family Orientated and staff listen

Mrs Holden is a great teacher for nursery, always keeps us informed on Class Dojo and feel she cares about the education of our daughter

They are like a family. Always getting children involved.


Good teachers

Each child is treated as an individual.

They care for the pupils.

Amazing school and teachers top quality education

Best strength in every way

Approachable at all times

Encouragement and motivation for my child

They are always kind to each other

Regular Communication with parents

The social medial and parent contact

treat their pupils as one big family and help with problems that have happened.

the kindness ❤️

Doing well with education

Good teachers that are easy to approach and understanding.

Kindness n love


The help I get to support my child at home

I like how approachable the head teacher and staff are , any concerns I have are quickly answered immediately

Treating each child as an individual in a kind and nurturing environment.

Equal opportunities for all the children to progress

Helping others when their stuck like with learning.

Very Caring environment and where able to support my daughters needs before she got her. Diagnosis for autism.

Family feel and minimal bullying

Always think of children and how to support them and put so much time in to their learning

The support

The support

Facebook page keeps us informed

Managed very well.

I think is the best school to our child

Prompting children to be in school on time with hot spot days

The quality of teaching at the school is very high standard. The leadership of the school is very good. This is an exceptional school in which students are encouraged to thrive. I am very pleased that my child is doing very well.

The values that the school instills in the children for not only their school journey but beyond as well.

The values that the school instills through their journey at school and beyond


Faith in students and community


St Oswalds is a well managed school with an active Governing Body

Faith, Communication



Fairness and inclusivity of all students eg.(non uniform days, not too many. world book days open minded) and understanding times are difficult not expecting a lot from parents where other schools do.

St Oswalds has a safe, healthy and intellectually stimulating learning environment for all children.

Question 19 said, "We are always striving to improve further.  In your opinion, how could we be better?":



There isn't anything I can say, its brilliant

More communication with teachers. Last year we had class dojo and could raise and track concerns directly with teacher, in class 4 we don't have this.

More food choices

Your doing a brilliant job in my eyes thank you.

Nothing more I can suggest as they have everything covered.

Update parents more on their child’s progress

More specific information on my child

more things for the parents to be involved in and see what their children are doing.

You should have Urdu speaking teacher as well or some parent always struggling to communicate n English understanding problem .

Extra help with homework after school.

More halal lunch options, extra help with school homework after school.

It would be brilliant if there was afternoon equivalent of breakfast club.

It’s great already

I didn't like how parents evening finished at 5 as I couldn't attend due to working hours but this has been addressed and a later time had been given

I think we need to return to the old way for pe . Currently my daughter is in PE kit 3 days a week I think full uniform is smarter Having a reading book over the week rather than Fri eve to Mon. We end up rushing on a Sunday a lot!

Diversity in religious events the children take part in

Involve other subjects so children can learn more.

Could do with more communication in formal meetings with parents and support teacher involved when deciding on how to support additional needs.

A residential school trip every year - my son said.

Diversity re events celebrated

Just keep doing what you are doing.

Don't know

The school is fantastic.

We are happy with how the school is run

We are happy with how the school is run

Nothing to improve on

I don’t believe you can improve

More time with Cath 1:1

Better lunches!!

School dinner choices.

Question 20 asked for any extra comments:


Fab school

My son really enjoys coming school.

Best school I've ever come across I would say it has better expectations than I ever had from my primary school as a child I would only wish I entered this school. My eldest son who is in Mount Carmel misses this school he wish he could come back now its getting harder haha and my daughter enjoys coming to school every day. I've always recommended this school to all family and friends.




No. All happy with the nursery. Thank you


Friendly staff n headteacher always welcome with smiley face n respect.

Child has been bullied and have spoken to teachers in the past but still seems concerned.

Lovely kind staff n amazing headteacher always with smile n meet with respect.


The teachers go above and beyond

Do more charity events so money can be raised for the school

I am very happy with this school, they have a wonderful SENCO who identifies children's needs and gets them the support they need very early on.

Thank you for helping my son who came with a SEN prognosis to now not needing one xx









As there is a large amount of students who celebrate Eid maybe a party or a lesson to educate and talk about the festivities.