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Here are St Oswald's what our pupils think is incredibly important to us.  Below are some of our pupils thoughts about our curriculum.




I love learning new things in English - I just really love learning! - Year 2

I really enjoyed creating my own Blackout Poems - I never thought I would be able to make one - Year 5

I like writing, I created my own adventure story which I loved doing - Year 6

I really like all the stories we do - Year 1




I really like using the IPads at school - Year 1

I enjoy learning new skills and ideas in all the different parts of computing - Year 5

Making music on the IPads has been really fun - I can't wait to do it again - Year 3

I cot to make jigsaws on the IPads with numbers and colours - Reception

I am proud of the work I have done in Coding - Year 6




In Science I really enjoy touching materials - Year 1

I was really proud of the big circuit with all the lights in that I made - Year 4

I really like that we can do lots of different hands on activities, investigations and experiments - Year 5

I created a fact file all about the different planets - it was really detailed and I was very proud of it - Year 6


Physical Education (PE)


It is always really fun when we do PE - Year 1 and 2

I really like that the PE we do at school keeps me fit and healthy - Year 3

In PE at school we get to work with lots of different coaches and different people from class - Year 5

We learn lots of new sports and games, things I have never done before.  I now know how to swim, which makes me really proud - Year 6